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4 Responses to “Terms of Use”

  1. mrawle@gestalt.org says:

    Dear Marie:

    My husband and I have tried for over twenty years to replicate a Hazelnut cake we first had in the city of our heart, Montreal. We’ve had many bakeries try, even got the cake as part of the featured cakes in the famous BlackHound Bakery, NYC but none really come close. When I saw your Antoine’s Hazelnut Vanilla Butter Cake with Praline Swiss Meringue & Kalhua Buttercreams it was love at first sight. Then I got to your site and I think you are quintessential Montreal and quite talented. Is there any way to get the recipe for your (Antoine’s) cake? Or can you point me toward a recipe somewhere else?
    How I miss Montreal. Thanks for the picture of you and the cake.

    – Molly

    • Dear Molly,

      Thank you so much for writing to me about your love of Montreal and your extended search for the recipe for a Hazelnut gateau that you enjoyed there many years ago! I’m so pleased to know you saw the picture of cake I created for my boyfriend’s son, Antione: Antoine’s Hazelnut Vanilla Butter Cake with Praline Swiss Meringue & Kalhua Buttercreams, and loved it! You’ve made my day ♥

      The recipes are my own, and I haven’t had time to publish them yet. To be perfectly honest, I sometimes create things on the spur of the moment, tasting as I go along in some (many!) cases, but I don’t always have time to write the recipes so if I want to recreate something for a special request, I have to pay attention to the quantities of each ingredient I used! Luckily, I did make notes for the cake recipe, and can easily develop the recipe for the buttercream which I made with hazelnut praline (my own of course!). I’ll do that and post the recipe for you here on my webzine ~ will send you an email to let you know when it’s done :-)

      May I ask you where and how you came about the image of my cake? Was it on my EpicureanPiranha Flickr photo portfolio? You’ll find lots of my food photos there! (Just click on the link to visit). Or was it via another source? Thanks for letting me know!

      Wishing you a delicious day,

      ~ marie, the EpicureanPiranha

  2. lindayvonne says:

    What a delightful site. I am interested in starting a blog on Creating Fairytale Homes. How do you suggest I start? Who hosts your blog and was there a formula to follow. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Linda

      Thanks so much for registering on my webzine!

      I developed the site and content myself, but for the design I had a customisable template which helps. This is a WordPress site but I host it myself via an ISP (internet service provider) based in the US. That way I’m fully in charge of my content, and if ever WP were to decide to close shop (most unlikely since they are the largest professional website & blog service provider), then I could just use another service and would have all my content intact.

      I’m on currently on vacation in the Eastern Townships, and when I return have a birthday dinner to plan, but will get back to you via email soon.

      Bye and lovely to have you as a member :-)

      ~ Marie, the EpicureanPiranha

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