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The following page describes the various ways in which you can search for information on this website, and is particularly aimed at those of you who may be new to webzines and blogs

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Magazine Article:

Basically, a “post” is an article on this website, much like an article in a magazine. Many of the articles also include an illustrated recipe, and some of them are detailed “How-To” articles/recipes ~ a sort of mini cooking lesson. At the bottom of any post or article and of some of the information pages on, you can add a comment which I will receive (and which other people will see), because this webzine is also a Blog.  I read and reply to every message I receive ~ more on that below.

Articles in the webzine [ie: online magazine] are arranged by “Magazine Section”, ie: a major grouping of a general category of article, and “Sub-Section” , ie: secondary groupings.   The following are are a few definitions before I explain the various ways in which you can search for information, articles, and article/recipes on my site.

Magazine Section:

The following are examples of Magazine Sections”:

  • Culinary Traditions
  • Epi’s Cooking How-To
  • Epi’s Food Passion
  • Epi’s Travels

Magazine Sub-Section:

Each Magazine Section contains a number of “Magazine Sub-Sections”. I’ll be adding new Magazine Sub-Sections throughout the year.

For example, here are some of the Magazine Sub-Sections within the Magazine Section called “Epi’s Food Passion”:

  • Art of the Tart – Savoury
  • Coffee Cakes & Quick Breads
  • Pasta with Panache

Information Page:

An “information page” means a page like this one, written by me, the, to provide additional information for you (ie: you are the End-User of this webzine). Links to the major information pages (eg: FAQ, Licensing, Who is the EpicureanPiranha ?, etc.) can be found on the top Navigation Bar and on the Footer Bar [at the very bottom of a page or post]. The top Navigation Bar appears at the top of your screen just below the logo, on every page you display on your computer. New pages may be added from time to time.


As you will see below, there are many useful features for helping you find just what you are looking for on my webzine. I will be adding new articles on a regular basis, so be sure to drop by regularly or subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest updates ♥  If you can’t find what you are looking for, then please write to me by leaving a comment on this page or on any article in


This is the long dark-rose-coloured bar below the EpicureanPiranha Logo. It contains links and a “Search Box” to help you find information.

  • “Headlines” button  Clicking on this button in the Navigation Bar from anywhere in this webzine brings you back to the Headlines page of  The Headline page, also the first page you see after logging in, is described below.
  • “Magazine Sections” button  Clicking on this button displays the major Magazine Sections of the webzine as a ”drop-down” list. Move your mouse to the Section you want to see and click on it to view this Section.
  • “Search Box”  This is the small, white rectangular window on the right-hand side of the navigation bar that contains the word “search”. Type one or more “search terms” in this box and click enter to help you find what you are looking for.


This is the small, rectangular shaped window at the top of the right side-panel which you see on your screen.

  • Click on the small “down” arrow to the right of  “Select Category”. You will see a “drop-down” list of the Magazine Sub-Sections grouped by the major Magazine Sections.
  • Click on the Magazine Section or Sub-Section name you want to see, and a new page will be displayed with the information you requested. You can then click on any of the images or headings that interest you to link to it.


This is what’s called a Tag Cloud, and you will find it on the right side-panel which you see on your screen.

The “search tags” you see here are tags from the articles in The larger the tag name, the more frequent its use.

Clicking on any of the tags you see in the Search by Tasty Bites box will display all the articles published in to which this tag has been added.


The Headlines page is the first thing you see when you arrive on the website after looging in, or when you click on the “Headlines” button in the top Navigation Bar from anywhere in the webzine. The following describes the key information on this page.

Feature Window:

The first large box under the Navigation Bar is the “Feature Window”. It normally showcases the latest articles added to the website. At the bottom of each photo displayed in the Feature Window, you will see a brief description of the article in a transluscent rectangular box on top of the image. Each “Feature” is displayed for about 1.5 seconds, but you can search forward and backward through the Feature Window with the arrows at the centre edges of each “featured” photo (to see the arrows, move your mouse towards the center edges of the Feature photo). If you see a Feature photo of something you like, you can click on it to see the entire article.

Large Boxes below the Feature Window:

The first large box you see below the Feature Window lists a selection of the most recent articles in the Magazine Section called:

  • Epi’s Food Passion. This section of the Magazine contains recipes.

The second large box you see lists a selection of the most recent articles in the Magazine Section called:

  • Epi’s Cooking How-To. This section of the Magazine contains detailed step-by-step instructions and photos on how to prepare certain recipes and focuses on techniques.

The third and last box on the page has “More Magazine Sections” written in the top left-hand corner, and this is exactly what you fill see – other magazine sections!

Beside the thumbnail image of each article listed in these boxes, you can see a brief excerpt of the article. To see the entire article and/or to leave a comment on it, click on the thumbnail or on the article title.

At the bottom right hand side of the box, you will see the following link highlighted in red: More Articles from this Magazine Section ». Click here to see the other articles in this Magazine Section.

6 Responses to “Finding What You Want”

  1. janbertelsen says:

    Looks fantastic Marie

    The Haute Couture of Food – wish I could dress as beautifully and elegantly in your food as you did in my creations ;o))

    love from London xx

  2. Un gros merci, Maurice ! Ca me fait super plaisir d’entendre ca. J’ai bien hâte que tu essaye une ou deux de mes recette également ♥ tu m’en donneras des nouvelles ! A bien tôt et bisous a toi et Lucette xxx

  3. mdaignault says:

    Bravo Marie tu as travaillé bien fort et le résultat est super. Je rêve d’avoir plus de temps pour essayer tes recettes.

  4. Un gros merci, Ginger! Ça me fait beaucoup plaisir de savoir que tu aime mon site :->

  5. ginger_starlette says:

    Excellent travail Marie. J’aime bien le tapis déroulant sous “Magazine sections”. Les photos qui accompagnent tes recettes, tout cela est génial. Ça donne envie de cuisiner…

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