How It All Began …

…Story of a Gourmand Gourmet!

My mom tells me I’ve always been crazy about food, particularly foods rich in flavour and anything chocolate! I’ve always loved eating, so she would have to watch me when I was very young – not because of any weight issues mind you [I was and have always been slim], but for fear I’d eat too much and suffer from indigestion!  She once caught me eating a slice of bread with a good half inch of butter on it when I was about three and a half – I’d already acquired a taste for this delicious pale yellow delight!

Marie's15 inch celebration madiera cake

This is the first time I baked such a huge cake – it made 30 servings! There was over 450 g butter & 12 eggs in the cake, and another 600 g butter in the buttercream!

My baking adventures started at the tender age of three! I would help my mother bake [well, sortof...], and still remember the miniature child’s pastry-making set I had been given, complete with small versions of rolling pin, cookie cutters, measuring cup, and baking tins. When mom would make pies, she’d give me a small piece of dough of my own. I would lovingly roll the dough until it was just perfect, place it in the tin, then fill it with fresh fruits – or whatever filling my mother had prepared – to make a small pie for my dad. What I remember most is bursting with pride as it came out of the oven, and that special moment when I would present it to my father. Dad would sample my small pie with great joy, praising my baking skills and telling me how delicious it was!  However, my mother has long since filled me in on a few details I don’t recall! Often, I would have played with the dough for so long that it would be hard as rock – but how could I know?!  Dad never let on, sweetheart that he is!

Luckily, I think that after all my years of cooking, eating in some of the finest kitchens and restaurants in North America and Europe, experimenting with and creating new recipes, my cooking and baking skills have vastly improved to say the least! But why don’t you be the judge of that!

The EpicureanPiranha in Paris

The EpicureanPiranha enjoying a glass of wine at a small bistro on the Butte Montmartre in Paris. I aslo love wine :-)

If anything, my love of food has deepened! I eat chocolate [usuallly of the intense dark variety] and drink wine every day, and I’m always thinking of what wonderful things I should be making next! And yes, I’m one of those lucky persons that burns off tons of calories with no excercise involved.. My girlfriends hate me! LOL [ok, not really...]. Who knows, maybe one of these years all this eating will catch up with me!

I’ve created this site to share my passion [if not obsession!] with the art of food, so I hope you will join me in this colourful Epicurean adventure! I look forward to your comments and feedback

So, “Why EpicurianPiranha” You Ask ?

I bet some of you are wondering why this webzine & blog is called EpicureanPiranha! Well, one evening, chatting with a wonderful friend of mine, John C., over a good pure malt whisky, we started talking about potential names for my new webzine.

2009 London Spitafields Market - Carluccio's - John

My dear friend John ♥ Marketing Guru Extraordinaire!

I wanted something unique and fun! This was the fruit of our little brainstorming session. Here is a photo of John and I having lunch at Carluccio’s in London’s Spitafields Market last fall [2009]:

2009 London Spitafields Market - Carluccio's - Marie & John diptych

My darling friend John and me, having lunch at Carluccio’s in London’s Spitafields Market

My talented and very dear friend John gets all the credit for the name! And I soon came up with this definition which pretty well defines what I want to do:

EpicureanPiranha (n.) ~ a small fish with a voracious appetite for refined sensuous enjoyment [espescially good food & drink].

What took me longer to find was an appropriate logo!!! After weeks of searching, I finally bought the stylized fish graphic you now see from a Japanese artist, and then used the dark-rose colour to create my blog’s colour scheme. And after spending endless hours searching for and trying out appropriate fonts, I finally picked the one I thought most suited what I’m doing, and created my logo [which you see at the top of every page]. ♥ I hope you enjoy it ♥

More about Me, My Photography, and My Food

4 Responses to “How It All Began …”

  1. Dot says:

    Hi, Marie….I’ve been so busy and then away for a I’m back!!! I love your website!! I’ll make a turn here as often as I can! I always enjoy seeing what you’ve come up with and enjoy your smiling face! Hope you are well…Dot♥

  2. dubonnet says:

    You are an interesting lady. Your recipes are beautifully presented and you make them all see so “do-able”.

    As a lover of photography, art (especially Oriental), and of course good food, I applaud you and wish you success!

    • Hi Sharon!

      Thank you so much for your lovely words of encouragement :-> I’m so happy to know you enjoy what I’m doing! It means a lot to me when people take the time to write, beacuse I know how busy everyone is nowaday, and how quickly time passes…

      If there are any specific types of cuisines or foods you’d like to have ideas for, let me know!

      Warm hugs,

      Marie, the EpicureanPiranha

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