Who is the EpicureanPiranha?

An EpicureanPiranha From An Early Age …

As the pseudonym EpicureanPiranha implies, I have a voracious appetite for all things Epicurean – especially good food and wine! In fact, I’m a complete foodie!

Below is a photo of which I’m quite fond. It’s me, marie (aka the EpicureanPiranha),  at the tender age of 11 months, on a hot August afternoon, giving new meaning to the term “The Silver Spoon” !  I suspect I may have been scolding my Mom for not wanting to give me more ice cream (smile) 

Mom tells me I’ve always had a huge appetite and that I loved to eat everything, which is quite unusual for young children. But then again, my grandparents lived on farms near the ocean, and both families were foodies who loved to cook. My Mother was and still is an excellent cook who loved to make everything from scratch, and we would eat the freshest produce, meats, fish and seafood.  She also loved to bake, and would make wonderful sweet yeast breads, fresh fruit pies with thin flaky crusts,  and all sorts of other treats. So in fact, chance doesn’t have much to do with the fact that my love affair with delicious food, beautifully presented, began at a very early age … Fast forwarding a few years on, I can assure you that my love of food very quickly became …

Marie at 11 months of age - Goose Bay

The EpicureanPiranha Giving New Meaning to ‘The Silver Spoon’ !

… a passion!   I’ve been particularly fortunate to be able to greatly indulge my senses over the 21 years during which I lived in Europe, which also enabled me to learn so much along the way! And so I decided to create this blog so I could share my passion with you 

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9 Responses to “Who is the EpicureanPiranha?”

  1. Genoveva Ohlrich says:

    Hello Mam,I m a new member to this site. I live in India.Thankyou so much for providing such an elaborate procedure.

  2. Syros says:

    Stumbled upon your web-site today (via flickr). What a find!

    Thank you so much for your posts and photos! A very pleasant read these are – you are doing a terrific job. Your great talent shows!

    • Thank you, Syros!

      It’s such a pleasure to read member comments, especially when they are as charming as yours! I’m just about to post several new articles, so stay tuned :->

      ~ marie, the EpicureanPiranha

  3. Noel Austin says:

    Hi Marie

    Just found your site – is this a new venture? Anyway, shall be an enthusiastic follower.


    • Hi Noel ~

      Thanks for visiting my gourmet webzine!

      I started working on this about a year ago, learning about blogs & WordPress, teaching myself food photography, and writing about my true passions! Hope you’ll register :-)



  4. ncarling says:

    Love the new site, Marie – congratulations!

  5. dubonnet says:

    I am so glad I found your site. The food is so artfully presented and the recipes are so “do-able”.

    Lately I have been feeling jaded in regards to cooking. You have inspired me with your tempting images and information.

    I look forward to creating some delicious meals and desserts for family and friends from this site!

    Best wishes!

    • A huge thank you for your lovely comments, Dubonnet! I’m so thrilled to know people enjoy my cooking and photography, and even more to know that I can inspire people back into the joys of food :->

      It’s so sweet of you to take the time to view and comment on my photos on Flickr as well – I really appreciate it!

      Have a great week, and chat soon ~ marie aka Epi

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